Copper Aluminum Radiator Cutter and Separator: A Successful Sale in India

In a remarkable transaction that took place in December 2021, an Indian customer secured a contract for the purchase of two cutting-edge copper-aluminum radiator cutter and separator machines. Designed to handle a capacity of 500-600kg/h, these state-of-the-art devices are capable of processing various types of large radiators, including AC copper and aluminum radiators, car water tanks, and other waste copper and aluminum materials.

The copper-aluminum radiator separator machine is specifically designed for disassembling and separating copper and aluminum components from waste air conditioners, old radiators, and waste water tanks. With an impressive output of 500-600kg/h, it proves to be a highly efficient solution for handling significant quantities of waste heat sheets.


One of the key features of this machine is the incorporation of a robust saw blade cutter. This cutter allows for the precise reduction of large-sized multilayer scraps into smaller pieces or the transformation of double-layer scraps into single-layer scraps, facilitating effortless separation. Moreover, this versatile machine can cater to various types of waste radiators, providing comprehensive functionality and adaptability.

The Indian customer wasted no time in acquiring these cutting-edge devices. After the purchase was finalized, the goods were promptly delivered to the Port of Qingdao, from where they were shipped to the customer's designated port in India. The customer received the machines without delay, expressing satisfaction with the seamless delivery process. Furthermore, the customer expressed enthusiasm about the prospect of future collaborations, demonstrating their confidence in the product and their eagerness to continue working with the supplier.