Electromator Stator Seperator

Overview of Electromator Stator Seperator

Automatic Motor Stator Recycling Machine is used for motor stator cutting and stripping copper from iron/aluminum cover, this is a kind of waste motor stator recycling equipment. This machine cuts the motor stator in half firstly, then takes all the inside copper out finally that all steps within 2 times. It's very cost-effective and convenient in using.

  • Electromator Stator Seperator

  • Electromator Stator Seperator

Main Features of Electromator Stator Seperator

  • 1) This model uses a heavy cylinder and larger torque that can bear high loads;

  • 2) It uses an international brand Hydraulic Solenoid Valve for durable and long life;

  • 3) Long service life: easy to install and maintain.

Working Process of Electromator Stator Seperator

Motor Stator Separator Machine is a kind of waste motor stator recycling device, it can help you to process the stator more easily and efficiently. The machine has 3 main parts, one is cutting part for all motor stator , second is to grab copper from small motor stator , last one is to extract copper from big motor stator.

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