Metal Crusher

Overview of Metal Crusher

The scrap metal crusher is one of the most popular metal treatment equipment in the field of metal recovery.

  • Metal Crusher

  • Metal Crusher

The scrap steel production line can crush scrap metals into particles,and at the same time using magnetic separator to separate steel from copper,aluminum, plastic and other materials. According to customer is requirements,we can also provide solutions to further separate materials out such as copper,aluminum, and plastics. Finally, pure steel, copper, aluminum, plastic and other materials are obtained. For steel scraps recycling, we will provide One-Stop Solution Service.

Application of Metal Crusher

It can be applied to crushing cans, steel tile, machine oil drums, paint bucket, car oil filter, scrapped bicycle, motorcycle, automobile, cylinder shell, wheel pot, refrigerator, air conditioning, scrap iron of mechanical processing and other hard metal materials.

Features of Metal Crusher

  • 1) The scrap metal hammer crusher is mainly composed of tearing blade group, bearing box, box bracket, feeding system, power system, electrical control system etc;

  • 2) The scrap metal hammer crusher is made of 20 mm - 30 mm manganese steel plate with a hydraulic device, can raise the lid of the machine at any time to overhaul, easy to operate;

  • 3) The whole machine internal adopts thickened knife plate, thickened shaft can effectively easily break the metal pressure block, large torsion, high yield, no manic tone and wear resistance;

  • 4) The bottom screen mesh can be made according to the crushing metal material,high production efficiency and small particle size (Sieve mesh hole:30mm-60mm).

  • Technical Parameters of Metal Crusher


    Rotor Dia(MM)



    Rotate Speed










































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