Electrostatic Separator

Overview of Electrostatic Separator

Electrostatic separator uses electrostatic effects to separate the most different mixed materials: differences in conductivity enable separation of extremely fine metal parts from plastics and other non-conductive materials, while the tribo-electric effect enables entirely different mixtures of plastics to be electrostatically separated. This machine is wildly used in the following industries:

Electrostatic Separator

Aluminum plastic sorting: aluminum plastic sorting of aluminum plastic plates, flexible packaging, aluminum plastic tablet packaging materials, Wahaha caps, aluminum plastic wires and other aluminum plastic composite materials; copper plastic sorting: sorting of wires and cables, waste circuit boards and bits and pieces, copper plastic pipes and other copper plastic composite materials; other convenient sorting: metal ore sorting, fly ash decarbonization sorting, slag ash metal extraction, plastic and sand sorting, tea leaf and tea rod sorting, flaxseed fruit and shell sorting, and hair and other material sorting.

Main Features of Electrostatic Separator

  • 1) High efficiency, separation effect up to 99%.

  • 2) The unit energy consumption per ton of used circuit boards is only about 1/2 of that of domestic similar products; the processing capacity of complete sets of equipment is as high as 1 ton per hour.

  • 3) Less labor, can be automated.

  • 4) Small footprint. The equipment is flexible.

  • NOTE: the sorting materials must be separa-ted in a dry state, and the sorting of wet materials is not clean.

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