Large-capacity electric cable recycling and processing equipment 800-type copper wire recycling machine is sent to Japan

Large-capacity wire and cable recycling and processing equipment 800 type copper meter machine configuration:

1. Belt conveyor (conveying raw materials to the shredder), we added a suspended iron remover above the belt conveyor to remove large pieces of scrap iron in the raw materials to prevent the scrap iron from being damaged and shredded Machine knife.

2. 800 shredder (transports raw materials to the shredder). This shredder uses a knife made of SKD-11 material to ensure that large lumps of raw materials are crushed into 50mm segments in the shredder.

3. 800 belt conveyor (transporting raw materials to the silo) Above this belt conveyor, we have also added a suspended iron remover to further eliminate small pieces of scrap iron in the material and protect the crusher.

4. Silo, because the processing capacity of the 800-type shredder is larger than that of the 600 wire recycling equipment, so we added a silo to control the feeding speed of the 600 copper meter machine.

5. 600 wire recycling equipment According to the actual situation of the customer, the blades of the crusher in this plan are made of SKD-11 material. Because the customer’s raw materials contain debris such as brass and stainless steel, we use blades of better materials to ensure the reliability of the equipment. Processing capacity.


6. The customer's raw materials contain some very small wires. When these wire particles pass through the air flow separator, they will be mixed in the plastic particles due to the effect of wind. We added an electrostatic separator for our customers to sort out the fine copper particles in the plastic particles and increase the recovery of copper.