Successful Installation of 500kg/h Copper Aluminum Radiator Recycling Machine in Malaysia

Our company recently installed a high-performance copper aluminum radiator recycling machine in Malaysia. This outstanding machinery was purchased by a Malaysian customer in January 2023, demonstrating their commitment to sustainable waste management practices. Boasting a processing capacity of 500 kilograms per hour, this machine is capable of efficiently handling various types of radiators, including air conditioner radiators and car water tanks, even if they are deformed.


The copper aluminum radiator recycling machine is a crushing-type processing machinery that encompasses shredding, crushing, iron removal, and copper aluminum separation processes. It stands out from conventional stripping-type radiator separators by its ability to handle diverse radiator types and conditions. This fully automatic machine ensures a streamlined operation, and its integrated pulse dust collector guarantees a clean working environment, contributing to a safer and healthier workplace.

One of the notable features of this recycling machine is its exceptional separation efficiency. The disassembly process is seamlessly executed by the machine itself, without the need for additional auxiliary equipment. It effectively extracts the copper tubes from the scrapped copper and aluminum air conditioner radiators while preserving the integrity of the aluminum foil. Whether the radiator consists of single-layer or double-layer copper tubes, this machine can easily strip them by simple adjustments. The separation process is characterized by its speed, high efficiency, simplicity, user-friendly operation, and easy maintenance.

The machine is designed to maintain the original block shape of the copper and aluminum during the separation process. This ensures that the extracted materials can be readily utilized for further processing. With its swift separation speed, high efficiency, and user-friendly operation, the copper aluminum radiator recycling machine delivers impressive results while prioritizing safety. To enhance user safety, the machine is equipped with a light control mechanism at the feed port, which automatically stops the machine when it detects that hands are positioned beyond the set safety zone.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the purchase. As part of our comprehensive after-sales service, we offer a one-year quality warranty, ensuring peace of mind for our customers. Moreover, we provide direct manufacturer pricing, guaranteeing competitive rates without compromising on quality. Before leaving our factory, each machine undergoes rigorous safety and quality inspections to ensure that it meets our stringent standards, guaranteeing reliable performance upon delivery.