Can waste lithium batteries be recycled?

The replacement of electronic products such as mobile phones, power tools, and electric vehicles has produced a large number of waste lithium batteries, and the amount of waste lithium batteries is increasing every year, which will inevitably cause huge pressure on the environment and resources. So, can waste lithium batteries be recycled and how to deal with their recycling?


The benefits of recycling used lithium-ion batteries include two aspects:

(1) Material sales revenue from the recycling process All kinds of metal materials in waste batteries are the main products for recycling, and their value depends on the recovery rate of various metals and the degree of mutual separation.

(2) Environmental benefits brought by the harmless recycling of waste batteries This part of the income is often an economic return that cannot be directly obtained by recycling companies, but it is huge for the entire society and the battery industry.

How to recycle lithium batteries? In summary, according to the main key technologies and principles of recycling, the waste lithium battery recycling and processing technologies can be divided into three processing methods: physical method, chemical method and mechanical method. The complete set of lithium battery crusher equipment in our factory can realize the resource utilization of metal copper and carbon powder in the negative electrode material of waste lithium battery through the combined process of hammer crushing, vibration screening and air separation.

Waste lithium batteries have high recovery value. For example, common lithium cobalt oxide batteries contain cobalt, copper, aluminum, iron and other metals. For the recycling of waste lithium batteries, the complete set of lithium battery pulverizers in our factory are reasonably priced and have high performance. Welcome customers to visit and test the machine on site.