How can waste lithium battery recycling equipment accelerate the transformation of mobile phone batteries into treasure?

With the popularization of mobile phones, laptop computers, digital cameras and other electrical appliances, the production and consumption of lithium batteries have skyrocketed, but the current recycling rate of lithium batteries is very low. The R&D and production of lithium battery recycling and processing equipment in our factory has solved the problem of recycling waste lithium batteries, and realized the transformation of waste mobile phone batteries into treasures.

Waste mobile phone batteries turn waste into treasure. The average content of waste mobile phone lithium-ion batteries is 12% to 18% cobalt, 1.2% to 1.8% lithium, 8% to 10% copper, 4% to 8% aluminum, and the shell alloy 30%. Therefore, the complete set of equipment for lithium battery pulverizers has become a hot issue of social concern while controlling "battery pollution" and realizing the comprehensive recycling of waste battery non-ferrous gold resources, especially cobalt.


Waste lithium battery recycling and processing equipment, use vertical crusher to crush waste lithium ion battery for 30s, then sieve with 10-mesh sieve; the material on the sieve is separated by wind shaker to obtain light product diaphragm material and heavy product copper, aluminum foil and aluminum Make the shell; use a 65-mesh vibrating sieve for the sieve to obtain a small amount of fine copper and aluminum foil on the sieve, and the sieve is the active electrode material (lithium cobalt oxide and graphite mixed powder), which is used for scientific and effective treatment of waste lithium batteries Disposal not only has significant environmental benefits, but also has good economic benefits.

The amount of discarded lithium batteries is also increasing every year, which will inevitably cause huge pressure on the environment and resources. The regeneration of used lithium batteries can realize resource regeneration, and has good environmental and economic benefits. The R&D and production of waste lithium battery recycling and processing equipment in our factory turns waste mobile phone lithium batteries, power bank lithium batteries, and electric vehicle lithium batteries into treasures, which has good market prospects and profit margins.