How to recycle the positive and negative electrode materials of waste lithium batteries to make money

Waste lithium batteries are mainly composed of shells, positive electrodes, negative electrodes, electrolytes and diaphragms. The positive and negative electrodes contain graphite, lithium cobalt oxide, copper, aluminum and other elements of great use value. Then, we recycle the positive and negative electrodes of waste lithium batteries. How to deal with materials to make money

For the recycling of positive and negative electrode materials of waste lithium batteries, the commonly used recycling methods of waste lithium batteries include hydrometallurgy, pyrometallurgy and mechanical physics. Compared with the wet method and the fire method, the mechanical physical method does not need chemical reagents and consumes less energy. It is an environmentally friendly and efficient method. Kaidi mechanical lithium battery pulverizer is based on the structural characteristics of lithium battery negative electrode, adopts the combined process of crushing and screening and air separation, and conducts separation and enrichment research to realize the efficient separation and recovery of waste lithium battery negative electrode copper, aluminum and carbon powder.


Most of the lithium-ion batteries currently on the market are composed of battery caps, battery shells, positive electrodes, negative electrodes, electrolytes and battery separators. Among them, the positive electrode composition of lithium battery is mostly about 88% LiCoO2 (also LiNiO2, LiVO2 and LiMn2O4, etc.), about 8% acetylene black conductive agent and about 4% PVDF binder, and its negative electrode material is mostly graphitized carbon And the conductive agent, the two are attached to the copper foil through the adhesive, and the composition is similar to the positive electrode. Scientific and effective treatment and disposal of waste lithium batteries not only has significant environmental benefits, but also has good economic benefits.

The recycling and utilization of waste lithium-ion batteries mainly follow the 3R (reduction, reuse, and resource utilization) principle of circular economy. Recycling and separation production line, aluminum-plastic separator, waste electrical circuit board crusher, electronic component recycling equipment, etc. Customers are welcome to visit the on-site test machine.