The use of electrostatic dry Copper Wire Granulator will become more widespread in 2023

In the past, the way to deal with cables and wires was to use incineration. That method not only wastes resources, but also causes environmental pollution. Nowadays, copper rice mills are used more and more widely. The electrostatic dry copper rice mill uses high-strength hydraulic grinding discs to increase the operating pressure by 5-20 tons, thereby increasing the forced grinding speed of materials and greatly improving the fineness of the product. The speed and output value cannot be replaced by other equipment. Secondly, the main advantage of the copper rice machine is power. In the entire process, the processing cycle of waste wires is short, and the copper rice machine has high operating efficiency, which also saves production costs. Of course, the price of the copper rice machine also has an impact on the choice. Generally, the copper rice machine with a higher price has better performance.

The development of dry copper rice mills means that while the entire industry is transforming to green and intelligent, energy conservation, emission reduction, and green environmental protection have penetrated into the development of the entire industry. It can turn a lot of waste materials into treasure. In order to save energy and save costs for manufacturers, the technologically advanced copper rice machine has a very good effect in processing waste cables. After a series of processing methods, the waste cables can be pure of copper rice pellets and plastic. The dry copper rice milling equipment is twice as efficient as traditional equipment and consumes less energy. It not only improves production efficiency, but also reduces environmental pollution and brings more benefits to the market.


Environmental Protection has focused on the research and development of Copper Wire Granulator, small Copper Wire Granulator, and fully automatic Copper Wire Granulator for many years. With excellent quality and perfect services, we will bring you an efficient and reliable production experience! Based on the production principles of high standards and strict requirements, we will create an almost perfect series of copper rice machine equipment for you. Copper rice milling equipment is usually applicable to a wide range of processing, and can be used for automobile circuit lines, communication lines, and electronic waste. When green development has become an inevitable trend in the industry, it provides high technology, high performance, low energy consumption and low The green "heart" of emissions has become particularly valuable, and it also proves that copper rice milling equipment attaches great importance to the environment.