What is the copper separation rate of a small dry Copper Wire Granulator?

The small Copper Wire Granulator has excellent overall performance and stands out with its unique recycling effect. This equipment has significant advantages in environmental protection. It adopts complete mechanical and physical separation technology, and uses a pulse dust collection system in the entire production process, without dust pollution. In addition, its recovery rate for metals is particularly high. Through the organic combination of special crushing and dissociation equipment for waste wires and cables, as well as specific gravity separators and electrostatic separators, efficient separation of copper and plastic fibers is achieved, making copper The recovery rate can reach more than 99%.


The environmentally friendly small copper ricer is widely suitable for recycling waste wires and cables, automobile wires, household appliances miscellaneous wires, etc. It is also versatile for various waste wires containing capacitors. Its production and application range is wide, covering many fields such as waste electric cables. Through the recycling of various electric cables, the environmentally friendly Copper Wire Granulator can efficiently recycle copper and plastic, and is a renewable resource environmental protection equipment. The equipment operates automatically by manually placing waste cables or using belt conveyors, and achieves effective separation of copper through processes such as crushing, dust removal, and specific gravity sorting.

Waste wires and cables from different sources, including automobile wires, motorcycle wires, high-voltage wires, household wires and other waste miscellaneous wires, can be physically separated under the operation of a small copper metering machine. In addition, the waste dismantling market, rural building renovation lines, and automobile lighting lines can also be directly sorted and separated. The small Copper Wire Granulator plays an irreplaceable role in the processing of waste wires and cables due to its efficient recycling and environmental protection characteristics.